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Homemade Yogurt

The Catering Team will now be producing homemade yogurt in various flavour! Each pot will cost 60p and will be available for all 3 services. Various interesting flavours will be available and ideas for new flavours are welcome! So why not have a healthy, yet delicious pot today?

Click for more information from Easiyo – the yogurt making system





School Catering Team

Lisa Sharma
Catering Manager
Lisa Della-London
School Cook
Leanne Faulkner
Catering Assistant for Deli Bar
Jodie Hanwell
Catering Assistant for Munch Box
Denise Spencer
Catering Assistant for Break-time
Nicky Bott
Catering Assistant for Breakfast
Sharon Whittal
Lunch Time Supervisor
Connor Astle
Lunch Time Supervisor