Aspire Hub and Inclusion Centre

“At MHS we recognise that the welfare and emotional wellbeing of students is an integral part of their academic progress. With this in mind we offer a wealth of support to ensure that students are empowered to achieve their full potential.”

The Aspire Hub is a safe and inclusive environment for learners to access support.  With classroom facilities, a soft area for targeted intervention and a reflection area: all pastoral needs of our learners are catered for.

The emotional wellbeing and welfare of our learners is an integral part of their academic progress and with the Aspire Hub we are able to offer a wealth of support to enable and empower our learners to overcome barriers to success.

We support our learners through the delivery of the following workshops:

    • Friendship GroupSocial skills, establishing & maintaining positive relationships, effective communication.
    • Self Esteem: Covering the 6 pillars of Self Esteem (living consciously/self-acceptance/self-responsibility/ self-assertiveness/living purposefully/personal integrity). 
    • CSE: Healthy relationships, risk taking behaviour, safe networks, staying safe online.
    • Anti-Bullying: Following the Kidscape BIT programme to support targets and perpetrators of bullying behaviours.
    • Anxiety: Covering unhelpful thoughts, coping strategies and grounding techniques.
    • Effective communication: Understanding body language. Passive, aggressive and assertive communication. Listening skills.
    • Anger Management: Understanding anger, emotion coaching and anger management techniques

We can also provide regular 1:1 support sessions to individual learners, to help them with issues such as: Anxiety, relational conflict and stress.

Services and support offered:

    • Breakfast club 8.30am – 8.50am
    • 1:1 support / Personal Coaching
    • Workshops:   Self-esteem / Anxiety / Friendship Groups / Anti Bullying / CSE/ Social Skills / Effective communication / Anger management
    • Meditation
    • Break time support / Clubs
    • Lunch time support / Clubs
    • Homework Club

If you think your child would benefit from any Aspire Hub support, please contact your Head of House.

Come and meet the team:

    • Mrs T Hall – Hub Leader
    • Ms Z Meadowcroft – Assistant Head/ Well-being and Inclusion


A few quotes from the ‘Hubsters:’

    • Don’t be scared, they’ll always help you!
    • Happy and caring.
    • It is very safe and welcoming
    • Somewhere to share your feelings
    • Swop shop for uniform is a great idea!
    • Awesome! Looked after me and made sure I’m happy. Amazing day at school