Post 16 Courses

Our passion and drive for learning, paired with our state of the art facilities means that we are well equipped to offer students a wide range of A-Level Courses.

Art & Design

Students who are highly creative and enjoy drawing, painting and ceramics alongside having an appreciation of the work of a variety of artists and designers should consider studying A Level Art & Design. During the course students are encouraged to experiment with and develop skills using a wide variety of 2D and 3D materials and techniques, with an aim of specialising in a more specific area in Year 13. The course is very hands on and fast paced so requires a lot of commitment and dedication from students. Previous skills in ceramics are desirable but not essential as students will be given specialist teaching in this area.



This course is suitable for those who want to gain a complex knowledge of Biology. It provides an excellent foundation for biological sciences and is essential to studying related courses at university, such as Biochemistry, Dentistry and Pharmacy. You will be taught in well equipped, modern science laboratories and classrooms, with practical work carried out regularly. In addition to knowledge in Biology, students will also gain transferable skills which are sought after in many industries.



Chemistry is perfect for students who enjoyed and excelled at the subject at GCSE, and now to wish to pursue it an advanced level. Much of your time will be spent engaging in practical content within our Science laboratories, and students are expected to adopt a more independent ownership of their learning at A Level. The course is ideal for those who wish to pursue related degrees and careers such as Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry and Medicine.


Computer Science

Progression Computer Science is a subject which is becoming integral to every type of business. A good foundation in Computing enables you to follow a variety of career paths, and highly skilled programmers are in great demand. Computing qualifications are also valuable to technicians, consultants, software engineers, and those in the Gaming industry. Finally, the course is excellent preparation for career paths which rely heavily on good numerical and data-handling ability; such as engineering, design and medicine.



This course is for students who enjoy GCSE Drama and who are achieving in the subject. The course is designed to deepen and develop understanding of how to explore, perform and respond to Drama. The bulk of the assessment is practical and there is no written exam paper until the end of Year 13. The course also welcomes students who are not currently studying GCSE Drama but who have the confidence to perform and achieve at least a 4 grade in English.


English Literature and Language

Combining the Linguistic aspects of English Language with the study of Literary Discourse, this course is particularly suitable for those interested in a career in related areas such as speech therapy or journalism. The course consists of units that offer unique opportunities to consider both ‘literariness’ and ‘literalness’. Within the specification, students will engage creatively and critically with a wide range of texts, develop on existing context and theory, and refine their interpretation and own production skills within language and existing literature. Some of the course units will be covered independently: offering students the chance to prepare for university style learning.



This course is for students who enjoy French at GCSE and who are ready for the challenge of higher level language study. By the end of the course students will be able to speak and write fluently on a wide range of topics and be well prepared for university courses. French goes well with any subject and is particularly suited to those who enjoy keeping up with issues in the wider world as well as studying literature and film.


Further Mathematics

Those who excel at Mathematics and have a passion for the subject would be well suited to choosing Further Mathematics. This course extends beyond the normal syllabus for Mathematics and covers Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics within fast paced and challenging lessons, developing on already refined skills of reasoning and logic. This course would be beneficial for those who are considering applying for a Mathematics degree at Oxford or Cambridge, and is excellent preparation for STEP. Further Mathematics is also highly regarded by Russell Group universities and can be used as a stepping stone for other degrees which require advanced numerical skills.



This course will suit someone who wants to develop a range of essential skills for Higher Education and the world of work through content which is relevant to any citizen of the planet in the 21st century. Through exciting topics learners understand the nature of physical and human geography whilst unpicking the debates surrounding contemporary challenges facing the world today. Students need to have a passion for developing their communication and teamwork skills, as they will often work on group projects. They will also develop their research and analysis skills including IT and fieldwork, which means they will be able to collect and look for patterns in data.


Health and Social Care

This course offers students the opportunity to take a more practical approach to their studies, aligning well with other A Level courses to provide a wide and varied base of experience. Students will learn about how key aspects of Sociology, Psychology, Biology and Law are applied to Health and Social Care, and how this may enrich a vocational pathway or career. An integral part of their studies will be recognising that within modern day society, there is an inherent need for provisional care. Students who have a passion and interest for this may choose Health and Social Care in the hopes of pursuing a diverse number of professions within this sector.



This course is ideally suited to those who are passionate about the past and wish to know how it shapes our present and our future. We have chosen two exciting topics that explore the modern world. For our in depth study we focus on Britain 1951- 2007, as a time of great change both socially and politically the events of this era shape our society to this day. From our breath study we have chosen Germany 1871-1991. From Bismarck through both world wars and the creation of West Germany this topic maps the turbulent development of this nation. History is held in very high regard by employers and universities and provides an excellent foundation for further study.



A-level Mathematics is a challenging and rewarding A-Level course, especially suited to those who excelled at Maths at GCSE and innately enjoy studying the realms of reason and logic. The course is highly regarded by Universities and employers alike, and an excellent accompaniment to courses such as Economics and Computer Science. This course can also facilitate transferable skills such as data handling and analysis, which are sought after by many employers. “We have our own student council where students discuss and raise issues that are relevant to them


Media Studies

Media Studies is suitable for students who have a keen interest in films, television, news, gaming, music videos, advertising, radio and online participatory media. As a media student, you will need to apply your critical thinking skills and use theoretical approaches to analyse various media texts: you need to be good at writing essays and be able to demonstrate a creative flair for production work. The course demands students to be well organised, self-motivated and independent learners, so study time must be used to further learning and complete work.



Physics explains the world around us, from galaxies to sub-atomic particles. Physics also enables us to change the world through the work of engineers, designers and technologists. This course is suitable for students who are currently enjoying GCSE Physics and wish to take their understanding further. Students also need to be committed to working outside the classroom to deepen their knowledge.


Physical Education

This course will be well suited to individuals with a keen interest in sport. Individuals wishing to take this course should have two sports which they play on a regular basis. Any person can take A-level PE providing they possess: 1. A genuine interest in Physical Education and sport 2. A positive and hard working attitude



Psychology is a great course to study for those who have an interest in people and want to learn why they behave the way they do. Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and how it dictates and influences our behaviour, from communication and memory to thought and emotion. It’s about understanding what makes people tick and how this understanding can help us address many of the problems and issues in society today. It prepares students for a range of future career paths.



This course is for anyone who is interested in the study of social groups in society and how they interact with each other. The course considers group behaviour and the role of social constructs. Sociology is suitable for individuals considering future careers in law, teaching, social work and human resources as well as a whole range of other careers.

*Cedars Martin Sixth Form reserves the right to withdraw courses if not filled to their minimum capacity.