Pupils have one PHSE/Citizenship lesson a week which is taught by their form tutor.

In PHSE, students develop skills that will enable them to make decisions concerning their health, safety, further education and career. The focus of Citizenship is to increase students’ knowledge and awareness of the world around them. They are encouraged to see how they can contribute positively to the quality of life of other people at a school, national and world level.

Opportunities are also provided for students to extend their understanding of PHSE and Citizenship issues less formally through special assemblies (e.g. Remembrance Assembly), whole school fundraising events (e.g. Jeans for Genes Day) and by visits from members of the wider community (e.g. Teenage Cancer Trust).

Some Citizenship issues are also taught within other curricular areas, e.g. The Trading Game (Geography).


Year 7

    • Settling-in and Learning Skills
    • Healthy Lifestyle
    • Bullying
    • Smoking
    • What is Citizenship?
    • Human Diversity
    • Personal Statement
    • Environmental Awareness

Year 8

    • Target-setting
    • Alcohol Abuse
    • Law and Order
    • Friendship
    • Government and Politics
    • Personal Statement
    • Sustainable Development
    • Drugs Awareness

Year 9

    • Understanding Me
    • Careers Education and Guidance
    • Relationships and Sex Education
    • Progress File and Personal Statement
    • Media
    • Financial Capability

Year 10 & 11

Citizenship at KS4 examines in greater detail areas that have already been studied in KS3. Topics that will be taught include:

    • Individuals and Communities
    • Legal Rights and Responsibilities
    • Government and Democracy
    • Global Citizenship

Citizenship deepens pupils’ knowledge of our country and world today and gives opportunity for them to consider, as global citizens, their own role in it. There is particular emphasis on how young people themselves can become a force for good in society both now and as adults.