Design & Technology

Design and Technology

Design and Technology at the Martin High School is an exciting and dynamic area where students have a wide range of experiences.

The thing that links them all together is the enthusiasm that the students bring to lessons, the fun that they have whilst in them, and the creative results that they leave with. D&T is a key part of the curriculum at MHS as it does so many different things. Not least giving students life skills so that they can have confidence to attempt practical work with tools and machinery, use a needle and thread and cook for themselves. D&T is also an area that leads our young learners directly into further education, both academic, practical and vocational; and many different career areas. Catering, hospitality, fashion design, engineering of all kinds, construction… the list goes on.


Key Stage 3 (KS3)

At KS3 all students will have four units per year

Food Technology

This is a hugely popular subject where students start learning to cook from the first lesson in year 7. Basic skills are learnt so that students can prepare and cook food in different ways. Healthy lifestyles and nutrition are important, but not just as ideas in a book. Students learn how to cook healthy and nutritious dishes from fruit salad, stir fries and all manner of exotic dishes. Students sometimes cook a set dish, but often use the things they have already learnt to design their own recipes. An emphasis is placed on savoury dishes rather than sweet.

Product Design

Students acquire skills in the workshop using traditional hand tools, machinery and CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture). The design skills of students are needed to develop their ideas into finished products. The end results range from a steel spinner and board game, a plastic hand held maze game formed into their own unique design or a stylish wooden mobile phone stand.


Skills are also at the centre of this most creative of subjects. Designing products made of fabric starts with the fun year 7 stuffed monsters and work through to functional and stylish bags in year 9. Surface decoration techniques, different types of material and construction skills are all built over the three years of KS3.

Electronic Products

The world is a rapidly changing place and we can barely comprehend the advanced technology within the phone in our pocket. The electronics we do in school is just the start of this, and we do that through some simple projects. A steady hand game and light sensing alarms using components in a circuit are followed by programming and more advanced ideas.


Key Stage 4

The options at the end of year 9 are very wide indeed. The GCSEs that are available cover all of the above material areas. There are conventional GCSEs in the different Design and Technology subjects that are valuable and worthwhile to study in their own right, but also lead into a wide variety of academic courses post 16. We will also be offering a range of Technical Award Qualifications which still count towards the progress 8 total, but are more practical and hands on in the course content.

BTEC Construction is new to the Martin High School, and is a fantastic KS4 course that offers students to learn about the building industry in many different ways. As well as looking at the roles of different jobs within the construction industry, we also learn about how buildings are designed and built. There is also a lot of hands on practical work such as bricklaying, plumbing and joinery.


The ability to function in the modern world has never relied more on computing skills than it does today. An understanding of how computers are operated is at the core of the curriculum that focuses on programming coding. KS3 learn using the programming language PYTHON, producing ever more advanced and impressive results as students go up the years. It is of course available as one of the most dynamic and forward looking GCSEs on offer.



The excitement of the subjects on offer does not stop at the end of lessons. The range of extracurricular activities on offer varies from year to year, but over the past couple of years have include:

    • Whole year group (7) visit to the National Space Centre
    • MHS Masterchef competition
    • Robotics club
    • Code club
    • Year 8 girls Product Design club
    • Year 10 textiles visit to The Clothes Show Live